Denmark’s next step as a global leader in offshore wind

The VindØ consortium is proud to present their vision of the world’s first energy island

The consortium comprises two of Denmark’s largest pension funds, PensionDanmark and PFA,  Denmark’s largest utility company, Andel, and one of Denmark’s largest financial service providers, Nykredit.

The artificial island is to be built in the Danish part of the North Sea, around 100 km from land. Here, optimal conditions exist for generating clean, green energy using wind turbines.

The island is to be established by 2030, at the latest, and connect 3 GW of offshore wind. Over time, the island will connect 10 GW offshore wind and host energy storage and Power-to-X as well as accommodation, O&M facilities, and HVDC converters for transmission and interconnectors.


Offshore Wind

Initially, the island will be able to accommodate 3 GW of offshore wind. Over time, the island will connect up to 10 GW.

The island will help enable the electrification of Danish society and allow the electricity consumption of Danish households and companies to be covered by green electricity.

HVDC Transmission

High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology will be used to bundle energy from several windfarms and transport this to Western Denmark with minimal losses.

The electricity from the energy islands can also be exported to our neighboring countries and thus contribute to the green transition in Europe.

Harbour Facilities

The island will include a harbour which can be used to support offshore wind farm installation and optimize operations and maintenance (O&M) activities as well as other co-use options.

Future Technologies

In the long run, energy sources must be able to connect technologies that can store or convert this green power into, for example, green fuels (through so-called "Power-to-X").

Our consortium

The investors comprise two of Denmark’s largest pension funds, PensionDanmark and PFA, Denmark’s largest utility company, Andel.


PensionDanmark is one of Denmark's largest non-commercial pension funds with approx. EUR 36bn in total assets.


PFA is Denmark's largest commercial pension company with approx. EUR 92bn in total assets and 1.3 million pension customers.


Andel, formerly known as SEAS-NVE, is Denmark's largest energy and distribution company with 2.8 million customer relationships.

Moreover, the investors have initiated cooperation with one of Denmark’s leading financial services groups, Nykredit, to evaluate the possibilities for a comprehensive Danish financing package for the future energy island in the North Sea.


Nykredit is one of Denmark's leading financial services groups with activities ranging from mortgage lending, banking to insurance, and pension.

The consortium is assisted by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, one of the world’s leading green infrastructure investment companies with significant experience from major offshore projects worldwide.